Hardware features

Processor and memory

• AR9331 highly integrated and cost effective Wireless System-On-A-Chip (WiSoC) operating at 400MHz
• 16 MB Flash and 64 MB DDR2 RAM
• Coprocessor LPC11xx ARM Cortex-M0 CPU for analog I/O and additional real-time HW interfaces

Additional storage

• Support for micro SD card

General purpose IO and interfaces

• Total of 32 x GPIO • 1 x UART
• 2 x SPI
• 1 x i2c
• 8 x ADC, 10bit precision
• 6 x PWM, 16bit precision
• 1 x USB host
• 1 x mini USB FTDI serial to USB adapter
• 1 x Ethernet interface on back of the board

Wireless connectivity

• WiFi IEEE 802.11bgn 1x1 2.4 GHz integrated into AR9331 processor
• Simultaneous (at the same time) AP and STA modes. Unlimited virtual wlan interfaces for creating complex network topologies.

Test actuator and sensor

• Onboard RGB LED, connected to 3 PWM outputs • Onboard digital thermometer LM75

Power supply

• 3.3 operating voltage
• 5V tolerant GPIO
• External supply maximum 5V

Programming interfaces

• AR9331 JTAG • LPC11xx JTAG

Software features

Operating system

• OpenWrt Linux, kernel 3.7.9 with extensive software and hardware support


• SSH support with DropBear application
• SMB sharing, SAMBA sharing files over network
• Virtual wlan interfaces for creating complex network topologies using ath9k driver features
• Network zeroconf detection via Bonjour service • NTPD client for real-time clock integrated

USB support

• Support for standard USB storage drives, FAT
• Support for streaming video and USB webcams
• Support for audio and USB sound cards
• Support for ACM and FTDI drivers
• Linux support for great number of different peripherals that can be additionally added

Server technology

• Tornado, robust server entirely written in Python and supported by Facebook
• Websocket technology with server notification push


• Python 2.7 integrated core of WeIO board backend and HTML5/JS in front end
• Python installer using pip & easy_install for non integrated libraries

• Powerful Tornado server written in Python
• Intuitive and slick IDE for embedded software and UI development
• One-click WiFi network configuration in both STA and AP mode
• Zero installation all tools included
• Asynchronous event handling (UI commands and HW events)
• Multi-threaded parallel execution
• Easy integration of Python third party modules and libraries
• Bootstrap and jQuery included for rich and beautiful user experiences
• Hardware pin event visualisation and oscilloscope graphs • Integrated software update mechanism
• Easy download and upload of the projects
• Easy software components upload and download (project sharing)
• Extensive documentation with many examples


• Dual licensing model: open source GPLv3 and bussiness friendly upon demand

Designed in Paris

• Strong control of quality all HW is designed and produced in EU


Code editor

• WeIO uses Ace, the most advanced code editor for browsers today that matches the features and performance of native editors

Console and debugger

• Console is one of the main parts of IDE and represents direct output from Python interpreter
• Errors and exceptions are handled and connected to right place in the code
• All new connections to WeIO are represented directly in console with additional informations about connected client, like it’s IP address, type and version of operating system, version of browser, etc.

Real-time board visualization

• WeIO board is graphically represented with all active inputs and outputs and types of used interfaces
• WeIO offers WebScope, graphic representation of all analog or digital inputs. In that way time is considerably reduced in idea to object prototyping.


• Optimise and understand what is happening by inspecting RAM, flash and CPU usage while running your application.

Network configurator

• Easy to use and straight forward network configurator

Preview mode

• WeIO offers web interface preview in just a seconds without necessity to open a new window in browser

Multi-project storage and easy project sharing

• WeIO offers possibility to store multiple projects inside a board and to switch easily from one to another
• Sharing projects and importing new ones is just one click away


• Integrated documentation with easy access to API explanation and examples