“Making connected objects becomes as simple as making websites!”

08, April

WeIO available in Fritzing

Fritzing parts data base becomes richer with WeIO board from today! We made a great effort [...]

05, April

WeIO at MakerFaire Paris

WeIO will be presented at MakerFaire Paris 2015 2-3 of May. http://www.makerfaireparis.com


Plug & Web

Forget software installations. With WeIO your objects contain all necessary tools and applications that give you the power to create their inteligence and modify them anyway you like it, in realtime.


Web & Things

WeIO is a Web of Things platform. It lets you connect and control your objects from any device using only your web browser. Connect easily objects between them or with Internet services like social networks.


Wireless & Less Wires

Forget all your cables. WeIO gives your objects Wi-Fi connectivity, making them mobile and easy to reach, program and control from anywhere you are.

Smartphone & Tablet

Painless control from any smartphone or tablet! Program your web app using your computer browser and launch it right away on the board. Observe and control the board from your smartphone or tablet browser. It’s that simple! Great variety of smartphones and tablets are supported from the early models till the most recent ones



WeIO is made for the lazy ones ;). We visualize all sensor data in realtime on our smartphone from browser. We program from browser, also. WeIO connection from things (even if it’s just one photoresistor) to any smartphone or tablet is instant and visual. Our secret is HTML5!

HTML5 & Python

WeIO uses an Arduino-like API, but in JavaScript and/or Python (both are supported), so it is really easy to learn and start using it.

WeIO programing


Program WeIO on the go from any computer Mac or PC directly from browser using it’s advanced full web code editor and powerful graphic realtime tools.

Hardware specs

Processor and memory
AR9331 highly integrated and cost effective Wireless System-On-A-Chip (WiSoC) operating at 400MHz
16 MB Flash and 64 MB DDR2 RAM
Coprocessor LPC11xx ARM Cortex-M0 CPU for analog I/O and additional real-time HW interfaces

Additional storage
Support for micro SD card and USB flash

General purpose IO and interfaces 

Total of 32 x GPIO
1 x UART
2 x SPI
1 x i2c
8 x ADC, 10bit precision
6 x PWM, 16bit precision
1 x USB host
1 x micro USB FTDI serial to USB adapter
1 x Ethernet interface on back of the board

Wireless connectivity

WiFi IEEE 802.11bgn 1×1 2.4 GHz integrated into AR9331 processor
Simultaneous (at the same time) AP and STA modes. Unlimited virtual wlan interfaces for creating complex network topologies.

Test actuator and sensor

Onboard RGB LED, connected to 3 PWM outputs
Onboard digital thermometer LM75

Power supply

3.3 operating voltage
5V tolerant GPIO except on ADC inputs
External supply 5V DC 800mA

WeIO is Open

WeIO embraces FLOSS philosophy and is published under very permissive BSD license. WeIO is based on confirmed and robust Open Source technologies like OpenWRT Linux, Facebook Tornado, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Python. Don’t hesitate to join us, let’s develop great and more humane technology for real people.


WeIO Blog

Exploring technologies with WeIO, howtos

07, April

WeIO weather forecast

If you need weather forecast for Swiss, France and Belgium there is good site for [...]

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