Own a 3D printer ? Print a case for WeIO !

If like me, you always have your WeIO board with you everywhere you go, the following is for you !

This year, Saint Nicolas brought me a 3D printer (mmh, yeah, I still believe in Saint Nicolas and in Santa!) and I thought it was time to throw my old cardboard box in which I carry my card almost every day, so I’ve started to design a small case for it.

I wanted something small and sober. Here’s the result :

IMG_1166 IMG_1167


The LEDs are visible by transparency, and the two part are assembled without screws. So whole size is 63 x 96 x 19.6mm.

If you want to print your own case, or improve this one, you can found all the source files in Thingiverse or in Github.

Have fun !

Paul Rathgeb posted this.

09, December

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