WeIO releases V1.1 update!

WeIO V1.1

We have a great pleasure to annonce you a brand new version of WeIO V1.1 update. This is a fruit of hard work of our team to correct bugs but also to add a new features like support for Bluetooth and great number of webcams. We thank also a big effort of community and our forum, in that way we could anticipate to correct some things and add new ones.

How to update?

It’s easy. Connect WeIO board to the wireless network with Internet. Then click on the “Install new update” button like on the image.


Install procedure will start. In this phase WeIO will download a completely new firmware, it will protect your projects and then install a new version. However it’s always a good idea to preform backup of important things. You can do it one by one by  archiving them from the interface and downloading them or by coping /weioUser/flash directory via SAMBA (remember user name for samba is weio and password is your own password for the board).

If anything goes wrong you can always manually update your board : https://github.com/nodesign/weio/wiki/WeIO-Recovery

Remember that progress bar of installation will not be correct and WeIO needs more time to perform correct installation. Please don’t touch the board. Observe two LEDs diodes on the board (AP and STA) at one moment they will blink and finally rest fix on one of them. That means that installation is done. Complete installation process can take up to 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Here is complete change log for version V1.1 :

  • IDE
    • Improved the console output [#143]
    • Improved the preview [#146]
    • Added an option to enable/disable the login requirement to access the IDE [#149]
    • Improved the way new projects are created [#156]
    • Added an auto-save function [b99325f]
    • Fixed dashboard preview on lower resolution [#166]
    • Improved the pin visualization [#166] [6651fc8]
    • Fixed a bug with duplication [#104] [#179]
    • Added support for creating / editing shell scripts [2740a52]
    • Added a logo at login screen [7472dad]
    • Examples can’t be deleted anymore [#184]
    • Updated ACE editor to v1.1.9 [#183]
    • Enable file reopening from the file list [#183]
    • main.py is not required anymore on pure HTML projects [#181]
    • Added traceback on python errors [#208]
    • Corrected bug in preview display (server starts too late on a preview without prior PLAY) [#227]
  • API
    • Added a debounce time parameter for interrupts [d2a9fe2]
    • Added support for interrupts in javascript [6c310db]
    • Fixed a bug with detachInterrupt function [#158]
    • Fixed the initSerial parameters [0aedb88]
    • Improved stability of IoTPy [#148]
    • Improved the way the LPC is detected by IoTPy [#163]
    • Added support for DS18B20 sensors [#165]
    • Check for internet connectivity [#213]
    • Added support for the HC-SR04 [81c3aefa]
    • Reduced the default interrupt debounce time from 50ms to 10ms [#219]
    • Fixed the support for the rotary encoders [#220]
  • System
    • Support for bluetooth + bluez [3736872]
    • Update of NTPD timezones [#144]
    • Improved samba behavior [#149] [#164]
    • Added hotplug2 rules to symlink /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1 [#163]
    • Refactoring of the update process
    • Fixed a race condition bug in tornado [415a3cc5]
    • Added nano editor [b008bb9]
    • Added additional webcam drivers [7903688]
    • Set the AP channel to automatic mode. [#230]
  • Examples
    • Fixed webCamSinglePhotoWEB example [0c18062]
    • Added twitter_PY example [#139]
    • Added interrupt_JS example [3ef5b1d]
    • Added an example for the DS18B20 temperature sensor [#165]
    • Added an example to play wave files [c786e8d]
    • Added an example to play internet radio [ed10165]
    • Added examples for bluetooth [dea3107]
    • Fixed a bug with DTHxx example [#192]
    • Added an example for the HC-SR04 [81c3aefa]
    • Added an example for the rotary encoder [3079c01]
  • Firmware
    • Improved the DHTxx support (fix for the DHT22 sensor) [#207]
    • Added the support for HC-SR04 [#209]

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