Uroš Petrevski

Designer - hacker, Uroš constructs his project ethics on the passion, enthusiasm and permanent exploration of technologies. He transforms algorithms in emotional and cultural objects designing interfaces, digital products, services, digital cities and digital scenographies. He is associative partner at Nodesign.net from 2007. where he works with Jean-Louis Frechin exploring infinite possibilities of digital technologies.

Thanks to design he discovered two passions, informatics and electronics. He is also teaching physical computing at ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris, leading French school for product design.


Draško Drašković

Engineer - artist, Draško usualy builds computers with operating systems in less than 5 square millimeters. He holds MSc degree in Electrical Engineering and has over 10 years of expertise in embedded systems, semicoductor and telecommunications industry, where he hacked the things beyond the limits.

Draško earned his reputation in Open Source community by being constantly involved and contributing to several projects dealing with low-level kernel programming and Linux device drivers like OpenOCD JTAG debugger, U-Boot bootloader, CodeZero L4 hypervisor, Linux kernel and NuttX RTOS. He constantly walks on the thin line where hardware meets the software.

He currently works as R&D Software Engineer at Devialet, Parisian start-up that revolutionize the world of digital audio.




8devices actively participate in WeIO project in domains of hardware design and production and development of Linux based BSP (Board Support Package).